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Vol. 83 No. 3 (2023)
Published September 29, 2023

Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis (ISSN: 0065-1400 (print), eISSN: 1689-0035) covers all aspects of neuroscience, from molecular and cellular neurobiology of the nervous system, through cellular and systems electrophysiology, brain imaging, functional and comparative neuroanatomy, development and evolution of the nervous system, behavior and neuropsychology to brain aging and pathology, including neuroinformatics and modeling. We provide free access to over 1500 full text PDFs from all articles published in ANE since 1970.

In the face of Russia's unprecedented military aggression against Ukraine, the Editorial Board of ANE decided to join the restrictions announced by the Ministry of Science and Education and the Polish Academy of Sciences and suspend the publication of manuscripts submitted by authors with the affiliation of the Russian Federation until further notice.

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July 21, 2023


Seval Musuroglu Keloglan, Fatma Banu Aycik, Suleyman Emre Kocacan, Burak Yazgan, Mustafa Ayyildiz, Erdal Agar
Nesfatin‑1 exerts anticonvulsant effect by reducing oxidative stress in experimental epilepsy model
Melike Uysal, Mert Celikten, Merve Beker, Nurhayat Polat, Onder Huseyinbas, Sule Terzioglu‑Usak, Birsen Elibol
Kaempferol treatment ameliorates memory impairments in STZ‑induced neurodegeneration by acting on reelin signaling
Yijun Suo, Lu Zhang, Yuanhang Che
IL‑4 alleviates CIRI by suppressing autophagy via the HIF‑1α/Bcl‑2/BNIP3 pathway in rats
Bahar Dalkiran, Burcu Acikgoz, Ilkay Aksu, Amac Kiray, Muge Kiray
The effects of bee venom on behavior and the role of leptin in rats
Bartłomiej Ptaszek, Szymon Podsiadło, Olga Czerwińska‑Ledwig, Aneta Teległów, Wanda Pilch, Artur Wójcik, Ewa Sadowska‑Krępa
The effect of a series of whole‑body cryotherapy treatments on the activity of antioxidant enzymes in healthy women and women with multiple sclerosis
Qiang Fu, Yuanqing Deng, Bo Zhou, Juan Lei, Ke Peng, Can Feng
miR‑488‑3p alleviates neuropathic pain by regulating target gene ROCK1
Verónica Pérez‑Martínez, Candela Zorzo, Marta Méndez
Differential approach to stroke aphasia and primary progressive aphasia using transcranial magnetic stimulation: A systematic review
Rong Chen, Fahua Yao, Xiaodan Deng, Xiaofeng Yuan, Nian Wei, Dongfan Xiao, Benli Yu
Neuroprotective effect of 1,25‑dihydroxyvitamin D3 against hyperoxia‑induced brain injury in premature rats
Isidoros Mentis
The effects of vitamin D on mood alteration in womenʼs life: Focus on depression
Jing Wang, Xiang‑jian Zhang, Yuan‑yuan Du, Guang Shi, Cong‑Cong Zhang, Rong Chen
Hydrogen‑rich saline promotes neuronal recovery in mice with cerebral ischemia through the AMPK/mTOR signal‑mediated autophagy pathway
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